Plains Indian Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West hosted the Creative Indigenous Collective's "Native Nations Now: An Exhibition of Contemporary Native Art"

As curated by Hunter Old Elk & Rebecca West, this exhibit featured the artists of the Creative Indigenous Collective, John Isaiah Pepion, Louis & Gina Still Smoking, Robert Martinez, Holly Young & Lauren Monroe. 

Alongside the CIC, were works from the permanent collections of the Plains Indian Museum, from historical Native artists like Fritz Scholder, Kevin Red Star, Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith, Earl Biss & Steven Paul Judd. 

About Us

The Creative Indigenous Collective; hereafter CIC, has been recently formed to represent the education and

promotion of Indigenous creativity. The CIC encourages creation via traditional art forms, cultural art,

technological development, and the distribution and implementation of such knowledge. Genres include but are

not limited to visual arts, music, culinary arts, spoken word, creative writing, dance, performance, fashion,

design, oral history, computer technology, and environmental art. In many communities around the world,

Indigenous art has been overlooked by Western paradigm, when in fact, the Indigenous Peoples’ are the original

creatives who require respect via representation. The scope of the CIC is to deliver said representation in

communities through event production, exhibition, conference, discussion, academic forum, collaboration and

public engagement. This representation will provide validity towards Indigenous creativity through edification

while redefining the adopted Western paradigm.