Keeper of Time & Place, Thunderbird Shield

+THUNDERBIRD SHIELD, Neubauer Collegium

Traditionally sourced bison hide, Neon light, IPad mini, earth pigments,
wool, brass, ermine skin, imitation eagle & hawk feathers, plexiglass,
steel, rubber, nylon, various electrical components.

39.75"(h) x 30.25"(w) x 6"(d)

© Ben Pease. 2020

Inspired by the multiple facets of Apsáalooke history & culture, this shield takes notes from the Thunderbird Medicine Lodge of Apsáalooke Scout, Morning Star, or better known as White-Man-Runs-Him, Ben Pease's Great-Great-Grandfather. The vertical white lines tell of hail & sleet which are said to appear in the presence of the Thunderbird. The vertical lines are reminiscent of motifs on shields which were owned by Morning Star & his Father, Bull Chief, the artist's Great-Great-Great Grandfather. These historical pieces are now housed in the permanent collections at the Chicago Field Museum with over 40 other Apsáalooke Shields. The 4-pointed star is used to represent the Son of the Morning Star, as reflected in historical Apsáalooke symbology. At the top 1/4, the dark blue stands for the night sky, the red line is the sacred time between night and morning when the world stops. The green band represents the earth. Lightning is also emanating from the eyes and feet of the Thunderbird being, a spiritual and mythical presence of the Apsáalooke People. As the video composition plays it is in relation to a multiplicities of time, perspective, and perceptions of humanness and experience.


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